• Hi there! I'm Kristen, the person behind Forever and Hallways! 


    I first started making polymer earrings in October of 2019. After attempting to make my first pair, I was ready to quit. It seemed like there shouldn't be that much to it but... there was. It's taken a lot of trial and error to get my earrings where they are today and I am thankful for all of you day ones out there. 😅​

    I just became a mom in October of 2023 and decided to take a step back from teaching for the year to focus on raising my little guy while continuing to pursue this passion of mine!


    Creating has and always will be apart of my life. From selling friendship bracelets to my older brothers soccer teams when I was in elementary school, to making farmhouse style signs, and collaborating with brides to make their dream weddings come to life. There's something special about seeing other people get so much joy from something you have created.  


    Making clay earrings started much later as I realized it was a simple way to complete any outfit in my wardrobe.  I was never a big earring wearer before, but now you rarely catch me without a pair on!

    My goal is provide unique statement earrings that help women complete their look and boost their confidence in everyday outfits. 


    I hope these earrings leave you feeling confident and bring you just as much joy as I have making them!

    Thank you so much for supporting my dreams🤍